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Bathrooms, toilets and washrooms can be areas of the home which develope difficult to clean areas, despite regular everyday cleaning practices.

Most Shower screens, toilets, baths, shower cubicles, tiles, grouting and sealed edges over time become marked with a build up of all sorts of material from everyday use. We concentrate on getting into the smallest and tightest of areas to provide an indepth clean, with the use of eco friendly cleaning products and specialist equipment, we clean,sanatise and buff to hotel standard finishing.

Most clients opt for this service once yearly as it provides the basis to easily keep on top of and maintain a managable clean bathroom through out the year.

We will always provide a free, non-obligatory quote before hand, so you will know how long and how much a deep clean of your specific bathroom will cost. On completion an inspection of the final finished room will also guarantee your satisfaction of the service provided.

We have devised techniques for deep cleaning without the reliance on toxic materials. All our products are researched and certified environmentally friendly, fully biodegradable and marine friendly.

If you are interested and would like to know what we could do for your bathroom,book for a quote online or call us directly.

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