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This is our most popular service for housekeeping, where a cleaners services are required for all manner of housekeeping duties, from general dusting, vacuuming, and cleaning to changing beds, putting out washing and doing the ironing.
This is very much a personalised service, whereby a pre approved cleaner by you, becomes your dedicated cleaner and attends to your home on a regular basis (minimum 2 hours a week/fortnight) carrying out requested duties.

There are many benefits to obtaining a cleaner through our agency. With over 15 years of housekeeping experience at some of the top hotels in the UK, we have formulated a selection criterion for our cleaners second to none with on going checks to develope a track record for each individual, ensuring a high standard is maintained at all times.

We realise housekeeping is a personal service, allowing a domestic cleaner into your home is a difficult decision to make on grounds of security, honesty and reliability.

Before attending your home your cleaner would have had, amongst extensive checks, authentication of identification and residency in the UK, proof of eligibility to work in the UK, working experience in the cleaning industry, supported by references and after success at this stage a home visit by a senior member of our staff, where upon an initial interview, our vetting continues deeper into the cleaners background. Once approved we fully insure every cleaner with employers and public liability before introducing him or her to you as your potential cleaner. Upon request we also provide cleaners with police checked backgrounds.

Membership of Helen May Housekeeping agency gives you the further advantage of the allocation of an account handler with the availability of support and advice at the end of the phone, whenever needed. You have complete control over your dedicated cleaner, to replace your cleaner if not satisfied or unsuitable by arrangement with us, or to reserve relief cleaners when your cleaner is unable to attend for long periods, such as illness or holiday.

We provide a complete housekeeping service for your peace of mind.